BeatSpeak, the talking metronome


BeatSpeak, the talking metronome version 1.2 for iPhone and iPad is now available on the App Store. It’s now compatible with iOS6 and iPhone 5 as well as all iPads.

More than just a metronome, BeatSpeak not only keeps the beat but counts the beat for you!

BeatSpeak is so easy to use - all the controls are just a finger-tap away.

Ideal for drummers who not only want a solid time-keeper, but also want to know exactly which beat they're on after a drum fill or complex polyrhythmic break.

Just choose the number of beats per bar, adjust the tempo slider then hit the big beat number to start or stop.

If you’re playing along to some music, simply tap the beat on the “Tap Tempo” area 4 times and this will automatically set the tempo to whatever you tapped.

You can “fine-tune” the tempo by using the plus and minus buttons either side of the “Tap Tempo” display area.

Choose help at any time using the “Help” button at the top right of the main screen. To stop displaying help, just touch the screen.

Preferences Screen

Easily select the volume for the voice and the beat, as well as select your favourite language and male or female voice.

We currently offer both male and female voices in English as well as Japanese. If you’d like your favourite language added then let us know.

Preferences screen showing the preferences screen displayed in Japanese.

See BeatSpeak in action on YouTube.